KCL-IDESIGN. LLC is a full-service design company specializing in all areas of design. Founding owner Kimberly C, Lyons is an R.I.D.E Certified Designer who is not afraid to go outside the box and break some design rules. Kimberly is a designer that designs from within; from the soul. She lives every second of each day by her on motto: 

Kimberly C. Lyons, Owner & Principal Designer 

As a South Carolina based designer who has a gifted soul for design, Kimberly's unconditional love for design is pure. Mix unconditional love along with her strong passion, extraordinary creativity, a superb eye for design, amazing attention to details, along with a soul that’s deeply rooted in the ever growing world of design and you get a designer who is truly gifted and beyond blessed! 

In 2011 Kimberly decided to take her love for design to the next level and make it a brand. She established her own Design Company KCL-IDESIGN LLC which is a full-service Design Company specializing in all areas of design. Kimberly is the sole founding owner and she established this company not only to represent her as an individual designer, but also represents her deep love and passion for design. She has combined everything into a total package that represents her brand. This package includes; the individual, the entrepreneur, and the company KCL-IDESIGN LLC.

Having a surpassable love and passion for design keeps Kimberly inspired to create one-of-a-kind interior and exterior spaces that are always dressed with a fabulous wow factor! Also, having a deep passion to broaden her love for design, Kimberly, the designer who designs from within; from the soul, is branching out to expand and add another level to her resume. That would be the amazing and stylish world of commercial design. 

Kimberly knows that when it comes to designing - her strong will, perseverance, passion, and determination, nothing is out of reach. She lives by her own motto: I LIVE. I BREATHE. I LOVE INTERIOR DESIGN.


Kimberly C. Lyons: A designer who designs from within; from the soul -